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The HomeMade App Launches in Los Angeles and Surrounding Counties to Help Local Chefs Sell Home Cooked Meals Through Their Mobile Platform


In April 2020,  the HomeMade App officially announced the launch of its mobile application on the App Store and Google Play. The app will enable local residents in Los Angeles and surrounding Counties to order freshly made home-cooked food through their mobile platform. HomeMade will also introduce a new sector of the gig economy to Los Angeles residents by providing home-based cooks with the tools they need to start and operate their own home kitchen operations. 


The HomeMade App began gaining traction prior to its official launch, amassing more than 1,000 signups from chefs worldwide through organic web searches, social media, and blog posts. The app is also now the number one ranked app on google for homemade food apps.



Founded by Kapil Pershad and Yaniv Horovitz, the HomeMade App makes it simple for home cooks to operate their microenterprise home kitchen operations, also known as home-based restaurants, by giving them access to easy-to-use tools to attract hungry local customers, create their online menus, manage orders, and get paid easily. For hungry patrons, the HomeMade App will enable them to discover local home-based cooks in their community by browsing a unique selection of menus featuring healthy, affordable, and authentic cuisine from around the world. 


“Since the California Homemade Food Act (AB-626) was signed into law in 2018, our team has been working very hard to create a platform that connects local chefs with hungry neighbors in their community in search of new, tasty and fresh homemade food dishes to experience. We’re proud of what we’ve done with the HomeMade App and the way that it will make social sharing through culinary experiences a reality for residents in Los Angeles and surrounding Counties,” 


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The concept of making home-based restaurants more convenient and accessible has always been necessary to create more opportunities in the gig economy for local chefs in Los Angeles and surrounding cities. However, creating these opportunities have become increasingly essential amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The HomeMade App will offer an alternative stream of income to chefs who do not have the capital to open a food business, or have recently been laid off from their jobs.


The app went into development after Assembly Bill 626 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on September 18th, 2018. This bill “microenterprise home kitchen operations,” AKA MEHKOs, allows individuals to operate a restaurant from their private residence as a new approach to retail food options. The HomeMade App is currently only available to residents of select cities in Los Angeles and surrounding counties, but the aim is to expand throughout all of California, across the nation, and eventually worldwide. 


App Features


HomeMade App Launch in App Store and Google Play


  • Home-based chefs can create their own menus and add mouth-watering images of the food they love to cook that attracts their very own tribe of hungry neighbors.


  • Home-based cooks can customize a schedule for their home kitchen so they’re empowered to work when they want doing what they love to do.


  • Chefs can manage orders through real-time notifications and get paid instantly with one tap of a button.


  • Home-based chefs can connect with their customers through an in-app live chat that makes communicating with their customers simple and easy 


  • Chefs can host foodie events to market their menu of homemade food while connecting with hungry members of their local community.



About the HomeMade App


HomeMade is a whole new way to eat! We connect local home-based cooks with nearby hungry customers who can browse unique menus and order fresh and healthy homemade food. The HomeMade App is free to download on the App Store and Google Play. For more information, please visit the HomeMade website at https://homemadefood.app/.



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